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SmartWay Transport Partnership

Fuel Saving Strategies with SmartWay Partnership 

Forward Air Designated SmartWaySM Transport Partner by E.P.A.
Forward Air Solutions Fleet Key Component of Program

Forward Air Designated SmartWay Transport Partner by E.P.A. Forward Air Solutions Fleet Key Component of Program Forward Air, Inc. announced in June 2008 that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved Forward Air, Inc., including all business operations, as a SmartWay Transport Partner, awarding the company the highest score possible. Forward Air Inc. joined a growing number of transportation companies that have committed to the SmartWay program in addition to other leading transportation companies and manufacturers.

The company received a Shipper Index Factor (SIF) of 1.25, the highest possible score awarded in the EPA’s SmartWay program.  The rating indicates that both business segments, Forward Air Solutions and Forward Air, are utilizing the most commercially available fuel savings strategies while actively evaluating additional savings methods and technologies that reduce fuel consumption or greenhouse gas emissions.

“Joining the EPA’s SmartWay Transport Partnership initiative has many benefits for our company and the communities we serve,” stated Bruce Campbell, CEO and Chairman of Forward Air, Inc.  “The company has worked to minimize our impact on the environment in recent years in several areas including converting our entire forklift fleet from gasoline-powered to cleaner propane power in 2007.  We believe that the SmartWaySM plan we have developed with the EPA’s guidance will further reduce overall emissions and lead to less fuel consumption, which are important goals for our company, our employees and our customers.”

Forward Air, Inc. spent the past several months measuring the environmental performance of its existing operations.  From that assessment, the company has developed a specific plan that will work to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions over the next several years.  This plan was submitted to and approved by the EPA which supports the partners in reaching their goals.  

About Forward Air Corporation

Forward Air Corporation operates two business segments, Forward Air, Inc. and Forward Air Solutions, Inc.

About Forward Air Solutions Inc.

Forward Air Solutions, Inc. is a provider of pool distribution services. Pool distribution involves the consolidation and shipment of several smaller less-than-truckload shipments to a common area or region. Once at the regional destination, the loads are deconsolidated, then grouped with other shipments with common delivery points, and delivered in a very precise, time-sensitive manner. Our pool distribution network consists of 18 terminals within the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Midwest and Southwestern United States.