Dedicated Direct-to-Store

Leverage Forward Air Solutions’ dedicated direct-to-store (DTS) networks to maximize your company’s delivery and fulfillment precision.

Our "scheduled" delivery operations offer a national network with enhanced, flexible, direct-to-store delivery in any market across the United States, with regional dedicated delivery networks in Atlanta, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, Kansas City, Lakeland, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Antonio, and Tucson.

At Forward Air Solutions, we provide:

  • Reduced handling and transit time in all your distribution operations
  • Lower costs due to shipment consolidation for multiple stores
  • Premium service with dedicated trucks and routes only serving your stores
  • Flexibility to serve your stores exactly when you need your products there
  • Automated routing technology to achieve optimum route efficiencies
  • Ability to quickly launch direct-to-store networks in any Forward Air Solutions distribution service area

Our customers gain competitive advantage through our national footprint and synergy with their business capabilities, and they count on our reliable, efficient operations.