Vendor Pickup & Consolidation

For large retailers, manufacturers, and distributors, Forward Air has an alternative to LTL for moving your inbound materials and merchandise into your fulfillment centers.  Leveraging our network of facilities and trucks that are out making deliveries all over the US every day, Forward Air Solutions can pick up your Vendor shipments, on a "scheduled" basis, and consolidate those LTL sized shipments into full truckloads moving back to your Distribution Centers. 

Your inbound materials will arrive on a more predictable schedule, in larger quantities, and with far fewer deliveries at your distribution centers.  And all for significantly less cost than LTL.

At Forward Air Solutions, we provide:

  • Reduced pick up and transport cost through regional consolidation
  • Scheduled pick ups across a broad geography
  • Ability to consolidate pick ups from a large geography, reducing the number of deliveries at your distribution center
  • A mixed fleet of Tractor-trailers and Straight trucks, that can handle LTL shipments of all sizes
  • A higher level of carton accountability and handling expertise
  • A customized solution based on the footprint of your vendors, and location of our DCs
  • Relentless focus on security and surveillance that minimizes loss